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  • URSA Studio Viewfinder G2 -...



    URSA Studio Viewfinder offers everything you need to use the URSA Mini live!

    The bright 7" screen features a detachable sunshield, comfortable handles and adjustable rotating attachments to adjust the viewfinder position without touching the camera.

    Customizable knobs and function buttons let you change settings on the fly without looking away! The viewfinder's built-in V-Lock bracket makes it easy to attach to the URSA Mini's SDI input and power jack.


    • SDI video input: 1 x 3G-SDI HD/Ultra HD via BNC.
    • Power input: 1 x XLR 12V 4-pin.
    • Screen size: 7" with a resolution of 1920 x 1200
    • Display type: 7" TFT LCD with high brightness
    • Screen brightness: 2000 nits
    • Computer Interface: 1 x USB Type C port for installation and updates of Blackmagic Camera Setup software.
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  • Zoom Demand - Blackmagic


    Control the zoom of Micro 4/3 motorized zoom lenses when using Blackmagic Studio Cameras. Now you can control the lens zoom from the tripod handles. Also includes buttons for triggering camera functions.

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  • Focus Demand - Blackmagic


    This accessory offers precise focus control with Blackmagic Studio Cameras.
    It eliminates the need to touch the lens as you can control it directly from the tripod handles, just like a real broadcast lens!

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  • Pocket Cinema Camera Pro...


    High quality viewfinder with built in proximity sensor, 4 element glass diopter, built in status information, and a digital focus chart.

    Compatible only with 6K PRO Camera

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  • Pocket Camera Battery Pro...


    Battery extension and handle for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro allowing you to shoot for more than 3 hours without interruption!

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  • URSA Mini Recorder -...


    Blackmagic URSA Mini Recorder lets you record Blackmagic RAW files onto 2.5 inch NVMe based 7mm U.2 SSD’s or standard 2.5 inch SSD Media with your URSA Mini Pro 12K. That means you can use commonly available and inexpensive high capacity solid state media. The NVMe based SSD media can record full resolution 12K, 8K and 4K 12‑bit RAW files plus it comes in much larger sizes so you can record longer without having to change disks.

  • URSA Mini Pro EF Mount -...


    The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro EF Mount is an EF lens mount that allows you to use Canon photo lenses compatible with your URSA Mini Pro.

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  • Pocket Camera Battery Grip...


    The extension for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K offers a permanent extension and 2 hours without interruption

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  • GPI and Tally Interface -...


    GPI and Tally Interface connect to an ATEM switch and offer 8 contact closure Tally outputs. Tally will be displayed when connected to an ATEM switch to indicate they are "live" and you can even connect multiple interfaces together to increase the number of Tally outputs.

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  • Mini Converter Sync...


    The Mini Converter Sync Generator includes 6 quartz stabilized video reference outputs to synchronize all your studio video content with standard definition Tri-Sync or Blackburst HD TV standards. This is the ideal solution for small studios and outdoor broadcasting.

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  • Studio Fiber Rack Kit -...


    This Rack Kit allows you to install one or two Studio Fiber Converter Housings in 2U of a standard 19 "rack

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  • ATEM Camera Control Panel -...


    The ATEM camera control panel provides independent controls for 4 URSA Mini cameras, URSA Broadcast, Blackmagic Studio and the Blackmagic Micro Studio camera from a single control panel. You have control of the iris, shutter speed, white balance, main gain, black level and RGB controls for white and black.

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  • URSA VLock Battery Plate -...


    Battery holder allowing you to connect third-party batteries to your URSA camera. The VLock attaches directly to the back of the URSA, thus avoiding additional wiring.

    • Attaches directly to the camera
    • No additional wiring required
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  • URSA Viewfinder - Blackmagic


    The Blackmagic URSA viewfinder is the perfect accessory for outdoor shoulder tournaments with a URSA or URSA Mini professional digital camera. The viewfinder is of high quality with an HD1080 resolution display, precision glass lenses, a tally lamp and built-in menus. It also includes on-screen information display.

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  • URSA Mini Mic Mount -...

    • Compatible with URSA MINI and URSA Mini Pro cameras
    • External mount for microphone
    • Protects from shocks and vibrations
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  • URSA Mini Pro B4 Mount -...


    Modify the URSA Mini Pro into an ultra-compact broadcast camera that you can use with your B4 broadcast lenses. The URSA Mini Pro incorporates a 12-pin Hirose lens control connection, compatible with PL and B4 lenses. This allows you to remotely control the start and stop of recordings, iris and motorized zoom lenses.

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  • URSA Mini Pro PL Mount -...


    The Blackmagic URSA PL Mini Pro mount lets you use professional-quality cinema lenses with your URSA Mini Pro. This lens mount has contact pins that are compatible with the Cooke i / Technology protocol. Information such as the make and model of the lens, serial number, iris setting, focal length and zoom position can be recorded as metadata and used in software such as DaVinci Resolve . Plus, you can power and control cinema lenses with the 12-pin Hirose lens on the camera.

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  • URSA Mini Pro EF Mount -...


    The URSA Mini Pro F allows you to set the traditional Nikon lenses of your choice and gives you smooth and highly accurate mechanical diaphragm control. By equipping it on a URSA Mini Pro, you have combined the quality of digital movies with the Nikon lenses of the AF-S G and AF-D ranges.

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  • AG-BRD50E Dual Battery...


    Dual bay battery charger can be used with the following battery ranges :

    • Compatibility: AG-VBR (AG-VBR118, AG-VBR89, AG-VBR59)
    • Energy consumption: 36 W
    • Load current: Max. 4000 mA
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  • AG-VBR118G Battery - Panasonic


    Battery for the 4K handheld camcorder AG-DVX200 and HD handheld camcorder AJ-PX270 : 

    • Battery capacity: 11,800 mAh
    • Voltage: 7.28V
    • Compatibility: AG-DVX200 / AJ-PX230 / AJ-PX270 / AG-UX90 / AG-UX180 / AU-EVA1 / AG-UMR20 / AG-CX350
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  • AG-VBR89G Battery - Panasonic


    Battery for the 4K handheld camcorder AG-DVX200 and HD handheld camcorder AJ-PX270 :

    • Battery capacity: 8850 mAh
    • Rated capacity: 65 Wh
    • Voltage: 7.28V
    • Compatibility: AG-DVX200 / AJ-PX230 / AJ-PX270 / AG-AC30 / AG-UX90 / AG-UX180 / AU-EVA1 / AG-UMR20 / AG-CX350
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  • AG-VBR59E Battery - Panasonic
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    AG-VBR59E Battery - Panasonic


    Rechargeable battery for Panasonic camcorder :

    • Battery capacity : 5900 mAh
    • Rated capacity: 43 Wh
    • Voltage: 7.28 V
    • Weight: 230g
    • Compatibility: AG-DVX200 / AJ-PX230 / AJ-PX270 / AG-AC30 / AG-UX90 / AU-EVA1 / AG-UMR20 / AG-UX180 / AG-CX350
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  • Din 1.0/2.3 to BNC Male -...



    High quality 6G-SDI 440mm cable to connect Blackmagic Video Assist's mini BNC Din 1.0/2.3 connections to standard BNC connections.

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  • URSA Mini Shoulder Kit -...


    The Shoulder Mount Kit for the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Broadcast Camera provides support for comfortably resting the camera on your shoulder for long shooting sessions.
    This kit includes:

    • A shoulder pad with rosettes
    • Rail mountings
    • Quick release tripod base and handle
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  • Cable Din 1.0/2.3 to BNC...



    High quality 200mm 6G-SDI 200mm cable to connect Blackmagic Video Assist 1.0/2.3 Mini BNC Din 1.0/2.3 connections to standard BNC connections

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